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EA FRUITS FARM & COMPANY is the company which engages in large production and distribution of fruits and variety of vegetables including pineapples, watermelons, oranges, mangoes, tomatoes, carrots and grapes, supply of these fruits to customers all over Tanzania especially in Dar Es Salaam and extending to overseas boundaries. The business is located at Bagamoyo, in a village called Fukayosi where the production takes place in the company’s own land with 50.3 acres size. Currently the distribution of its products will be done in some parts of Tanzania and is expected to go beyond Tanzania borders in the near future.

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As fruits and vegetables are an essential part in a human’s diet for maintenance of good health and wellbeing, the company will take part in providing the opportunity for Tanzanian citizens to get such fruits and motivate more people to increase their intake of fruits. Quality fresh fruits and vegetables and provided and customers will be very well served to ensure maximum satisfaction possible for each customer.

Mission and vision

Mission statement

To provide 100% satisfaction by offering fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, impeccable services, guaranteeing accurate supply, fast delivery and developing strong relationships with farmers and our customers while delivering services to special groups of people as to join world’s efforts to fight against malnutrition in developing nations.


EA FRUITS FARM forecast to be competitive in service while taking on prior responsibilities that are pertinent to our clients’ needs through producing strict quality and safe products, for health and economical satisfaction.

'To be the leading producers, distributors and exporters of the fruits and vegetables in the Country.'

Our Pillars

Sms platform to encourage intake of fruits and vegetables for health and to link farmers with the customers. Door to door delivery to regular customers Delivery to big customers using trucks.

Making customers aware of our products and making the right products and information available to target customers. Including sms platform via mobile phones, designed to spread information but also to link consumers and farmers, door to door delivery system. Daily trading of fruits and vegetable with packaging will be made to attract customers highly, while providing special services to pregnant women and children.

Striving to reduce post-harvest losses by adopting large cold storage warehouses to preserve fruits and vegetables excessive in peak season with the target to redistribute in low season where there is shortage in supply and increase general trading on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our activities

Distribution of healthy, well packed fruits and vegetables to customers including supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and individual customers. Distribution of healthy fruits to fruit processing companies.
Purchase of fruits from small farmers which are then processed and well packed for value addition or stored using advanced technology such as cold stores which farmers lack, hence decrease post-harvest losses and provide assurance of availability of our product throughout the year..
Employment opportunity, improvement of infrastructure like roads and power, water and sanitation in the surrounding community. Availability of fruits and vegetables throughout the year.
  • -Cultivation & Distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • -Increasing markets for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • -Linking farmers with the markets
  • -Processing and exportation of fresh fruits and vegetables.


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